Bealtaine Reading 2021

Sorry this is a little late. My other half made me these beautiful Ogham staves and wanted to get them finished for my reading yesterday. I pulled these at bedtime last night and figured I would do the interpretation today. Aren’t they beautiful! They are made of Koa wood from Hawaii. I may fill in the carvings with some sort of paint, but need to think on it first. Excerpts in the following reading are taken from Ogam: Weaving Word Wisdom by Erynn Rowan Laurie.

Ogham are read from the bottom-up so for this reading we start with:

Past Influence
Muin – Love/Esteem/Trickery
Keyword: Communication
Color: Variegated, Speckled (many-colored)
Tree: Vine
Bird: Titmouse

“Find your voice. So often, talking about emotion is as much a matter of interpretation as it is of expression. Learning to understand emotion and its subtleties is one of the underlying lessons of this fid. Express yourself clearly and understandably, and put in effort in discerning the truth from lies. Sometimes the communication can be a heavy burden, but the results are necessary and worthwhile.
The fid‘s connection with the neck and throat, and the voice suggests healing powers for the mouth and throat, and for the ears that hear messages as well. Lungs, back and shoulders are also connected here and Muin can be useful in treating problems arising there.”

Present Circumstances
Tinne – Ingot
Keyword: Mastery
Color: Dark Grey
Tree: Holly, Elder
Bird: Starling

“Tinne can be interpreted as a fid of technology, both mundane and magical, and therefore those who work with the bright marrow of the computer or other high technology items are also associated with this fid. In it’s most general sense, Tinne deals with issues of creativity, work and material prosperity. It shows us where our talents lie. The work of the smith has also been in creating weapons, and so this fid is also linked with weaponry, war, and strife, as well as with practitioners of the martial arts. It can indicate the military or law enforcement as well.
It’s healing associations are with the hands and arms because of Tinne’s associations with smithcraft. It’s good for conditions that cause difficulties with steady hands or for strengthening of sinew and work that develops hand-eye coordination.”

Future Outcome
Gort – Garden
Keyword: Growth
Color: Blue
Tree: Ivy/Vine
Bird: Swan

“Gort is the safe haven. It’s the garden where things are protected so they can flourish and grow. It is the fid of cultivation and patience that leads to abundance. Gardens must be protected from anything that would destroy the plants, from deer and slugs to disease and drought, but the places so protected are oases of peace and pleasure. This fid can imply hard work, as tending a garden can be filled with days of weeding and dealing with pests, but the beauty of gardens fills our souls. For some, a garden is as close as they ever get to wild nature, growing flowers in window boxes or in pots on a balcony. Even then, they can be tiny places to center and ground, giving green space to breathe, to rest and refresh our eyes, minds and spirits.
When Gort appears in a reading, it may indicate that a period of prosperity is coming, and a little more patience is required to get there. It can suggest that you look to the blessings in your life and be thankful for them. It frequently indicates a happy situation or place of safety.
For healing work, Gort can be used to bring peaceful, restorative rest to those who need it, and to aid with wasting diseases, except cancer. It can be useful for pregnant women to help with the growth of the child in the womb and to encourage and protect a difficult pregnancy, particularly in concert with other feda connected with children and birth.”

My interpretation….

In the past you may have had a hard time communicating your emotions and thoughts clearly. You may have been uncomfortable speaking what you were feeling out of fear of ridicule or losing something you had. You overcame all that, and as a result you were able to find your creative talents. Found what you are good at and are thriving. I like the reference to martial arts because it engages the entire body, but most especially hand-eye coordination and balance. It sharpens the mind-body connection and makes us self-aware of our bodies. We are more than robots performing tasks. We need to be able to listen to our bodies and know what they need and allow them to work better in concert with our minds. I believe this builds confidence as well. This confidence can lead us to that “safe haven” where we feel secure in our selves and create a surrounding that feels secure for our environment too. We all need nature. Whether it’s a potted plant in the window or we live on the edge of a massive wild area, this is where we find peace and rest. Let go of the hectic day to day, and relax – breathing in the fresh air and listening to the sounds of the wild. Go find a river or stream, lay on a blanket, close your eyes and just listen.

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