Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse Reading 5/26/21

Image and excerpts from the Herbal Tarot by Michael Tierra and Candis Cantin

Past Influences ~ Ace of Swords
Herb ~ Chamomile; Anthemis nobilis

” An angelic hand piercing the clouds grasps the hilt of a double-edged sword which supports a celestial crown. This card symbolizes the expansion of thoughts, enlightenment, and illumination. There is a need to have clarity of mind and to affirm inner truths.
As with all two edged swords, there is another side. One must watch that actions, determination, and strength do not turn into excessive thinking, or extremes in desires, otherwise the end result will be weakness, instability, nervous energy, and self-destruction. With the ace of swords, one should strive to allow creative and inspired ideas to burst forth.
The potential for peaceful resolution, unbiased thoughts, and clarity of mind are now in the forefront. This is a time when complete self-acceptance and acceptance of others are possible. Through meditation and conscious living, inner peace and contentment can be attained.”

“Chamomile Spiritual Properties: Chamomile bestows greater inner peace and finer clarity about one’s inner spiritual purpose. There will be a more relaxed energy about seeing and working with the energies of Divine Spirit. Chamomile has the ability to enhance visions and to bring them into form on the earth.”

“Key Words: Clarity of mind. Expansion of thoughts. Assessing the situation and making decisions. Upholding inner truths. Need to think in a more positive way.”

Present Situation ~ The Emperor
Herb ~ Atractylodes alba

“The Emperor sits on a solid throne, dominating and overseeing all creation. In the distance are the mountains, symbolizing wisdom. His purple garment represents the high consciousness with which he oversees his domain. The blue river in the background is the High Priestess’s intuitive wisdom reaching out to him. Ruled by Aries, he is the fiery overlord, and the archetypal father who protects and keeps an eye on the things created. The Emperor has in his hand the scepter of the ankh which represents the life force. He uses his internal fire, his logic, and his reason to bring into concrete existence his dreams and visions. Within ourselves he is the male energy who seeks stability and order. He is the mover and shaker who gets things done.”

“Atractylodes Spiritual Properties: Atractylodes is a very warming energy tonic. It will enhance the Emperor inside each of us by giving him the fire and the energy he needs to accomplish his goals. This powerful herb will also help us to digest life experiences and turn them into positive energy for further creations. If the Emperor’s energy is used with a lack of wisdom then the herbal essence of dong quai, which is on the Empress card, may be used to help balance the strong, fiery tendencies.”

“Key Words: Power of organization. Divine reason. Protection. Achievement. Difficulty taking in things or ideas. The male within. Putting order in your life. Being too rigid and fixed. Bringing to light one’s creations.”

Future Outcome ~ Two of Cups
Herb ~ Uva Ursi; Arctostaphylos uva ursi

” A man and a woman face each other as equals. The caduceus between them indicates that theirs is a healing relationship. The cups are filled with the accumulated experiences of their wisdom and knowledge. The card represents the highest possible union of two souls becoming one.
Here we are made aware of the need of becoming strong within one’s self before forming an intimate relationship with another. While such strength can be found within a relationship, the process is frequently made complicated by the disadvantages of co-dependency. This imbalance between two souls is often expressed in increased conflict and stress, necessitating more individual work on issues of self-esteem.”

“Uva Ursi Spiritual Properties: Uva ursi, the Sacred Herb of Mt Shasta, symbolizes the purifying stream of love. We actualize our love energy when it flows to another through intentional acts of caring. Uva ursi clears blockages and irritations one feels toward another and thereby awakens one to the divine presence in all.”

“Key Words: Relationship. Harmonious union. Combining strengths. Coming together. Acceptance of another. Focusing on positive qualities rather than differences.”

My Interpretation…

In the past you were able to have clarity of mind and you didn’t let your actions become excessive thinking or extremes in desires. As a result you are currently a mover and a shaker, able to get your visions and dreams into concrete existence. You do sometimes have a tendency to be a little overbearing in your directions and ideas, but if you keep that in check, the future outcome is looking amazing! You will either attract that strong relationship where you balance each other, or the relationship you are in will hopefully be the one to get there. If there is conflict in your relationship, sit back and take a look deep within yourself. Look for any insecurities or self-esteem issues and really assess where they are coming from. Instead of fighting with your partner, maybe sit down and discuss where their insecurities are coming from and work hard to alleviate any part you may have to play in that, or to reassure them. It will take work, but it will be healing for you both to get past the “baggage” that comes from life and enjoy the future.

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