Last Quarter Moon Reading 6/2/21

Card Images and excerpts from the Magickal Herb Oracle by Cheralyn Darcey

Past Influence ~ Skullcap

“There is a change coming and some things will begin to look a lot brighter. Goals are also highlighted, so now is a good time to set them and to perhaps check in with old and current ones and to give some deeper thought on how you are going and what you could do about it. There is hope for anything you may be concerned with, and a positive outcome looks more promising. Inspirations should be surrounding you and the opportunity to work with or inspire others, so don’t let any good ideas gather dust. Have faith and believe in yourself.”

Present Situation ~ Cannabis

“This is a time of contentment and fulfilment and the attainment of a healing outcome. Romantic relationships are entering a period of development, and for those looking for love this could be the beginning of something very special. Family togetherness, special occasions and relationship restoration are all indicated. Lead with your heart when making decisions or plans and you can’t really go wrong. If you are seeking curative care you may need to expand your horizons a little and try something new. Be careful of trivial disagreements, becoming too micro-focused ore getting bogged down in details. Pick your battles wisely.”

Possible Future Outcome ~ Motherwort

“The confidence and strength you need is within and only has to be awakened. All the energy and endurance you need will be available and the tools you require will present themselves as needed, so do not hesitate to undertake what is before you. It may take longer than you hope or expect for outcomes to be resolved at the moment, but longevity is assured with any undertakings or commitments made. Listen to your heart, because it is speaking a truth you need to hear. Situations involving children are a focus and love is also a theme at the moment.”

My Interpretation…

You have made several goals and it looks like, though they may take time to complete, they are well on their way to fruition. I’m hearing the word PATIENCE as I write this. Another theme of this reading is relationships and love. This week seems to be a good time to focus on either a budding relationship, or doing some development on a relationship you are in. If you have children, they will be a big part of that relationship building process. I’m also getting that the relationships with family and/or a significant other may be what helps you get to the end results of your goals. Don’t alienate people who love you and support you. They are there to help you with any struggles you may be experiencing in getting your goals complete. Good luck in your endeavors!!!

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