The Crystalline Earth

I’ve been studying crystals and healing with them for at least the last 15-20 years. Much of the books and websites I’ve seen are ego driven, money making, scams, but there are a few I feel are much more realistic and worth the money. Much of what I purchased to learn or get “attuned” with back when I first started no longer speak to me. We are ever-changing beings after all!

(Pictured is me, just before going to a Renaissance Faire, sporting a beautiful Labradorite necklace gifted to me by a massage client.)

On the lower end of the money spectrum I took the Crystal Healing Practitioner Course by the School of Sacred Healing Light, which is something that doesn’t entirely speak to me any longer but was a good introduction. I also am finishing up the Crystal Light Crystal Therapy course from and will be considered “Certified” once complete. I’m taking some courses from Evolve Healing Institute, and Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy. There are some other, more expensive and intensive, courses, from Hibiscus Moon and maybe Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy, I’m looking at taking because they take the more scientific approach that I know a lot of my clients like to see. They want to know WHY things work the way they do, and those courses will give me more of the background to explain it to them. I love science in a galactic way. Here is a blog I wrote regarding Quartz Crystals versus my hand in melting an ice cube.

Please note that there is no recognition for courses that “certify” you in Crystal Healing. The Certification just indicates you took their course and passed a test. What should be important to you is that I’ve studied a lot of courses and ought to know my stuff! Also, just because I’ve taken a course doesn’t mean I follow it’s directives hook-line-and sinker. If something doesn’t feel right to me, I don’t do it, just as if it does feel right I will do it, whether I learned it in a course or not. I make treatments with crystals my own and tailor treatments to the client, not following a recipe. Thank you for considering me for crystal therapy!