The Otherworld

I love the nature spirituality/philosophy and the ties to my Celtic ancestors. I look at Druidry as a philosophy and not a religion. I’m a member of OBOD (Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids) and have recently finished the Bard level and hope to be accepted into the Ovate level soon. In the Bardic level you learn the key concepts of Druidry, 13 rituals and 8 seasonal rituals to help attune you to the natural world, and help you access your deeper self to connect to those parts of your soul you may not realize are there. I’m currently reviewing the Bardic level and doing what is required to be considered for the Ovate grade. The Ovates study the trees, herbs, divination, healing, and the magic of the earth and moon. More than likely I will continue on and finish my Druid grade as well. The Druid grade works with the stones, The Gods, and the Dragon. (Since I’m not there yet, I can’t explain that in more depth).

For several years now I have been studying with a group in Salem, Oregon to enhance my psychic gifts and learn how spirits and guides speak to me. I can use oracles (such as runes, tarot, or other types of oracle cards) to help clarify the messages I get, but also use automatic writing, pendulums, scrying, and good old fashioned meditation. I have found that timing around new moons and full moons are the best for this kind of work. Especially the deeper messages.