Full Moon Reading 6/24/21

Card Images and Excerpts from The Sacred Circle Tarot; a celtic pagan journey by Anna Franklin Past Influence - Queen of DiscsExpression "When the Queen of Discs appears in your spread, she is advising you of the importance of taking pleasure in your own body.Your body is a sacred gift, given to you to explore… Continue reading Full Moon Reading 6/24/21


Summer Solstice Reading 2021

Runes are read from the bottom up, in this case: Iphin, Emancholl, and h-Uath. Runes made by Black Merlin Designs, excerpts from Ogam; Weaving Word Wisdom by Erynn Rowan Laurie Past Influence - Iphin (Honey)Tree - Pine or Gooseberry Meanings: Sweetness of life, Divine Influences Part of the Forfeda (The Extra Letters). There is fairly… Continue reading Summer Solstice Reading 2021


First Quarter Moon Reading 6/17/21

I just think these cards are gorgeous! Starting on the Summer Solstice I will be switching to another group of cards for the moon readings. Stay tuned! Card Images and Excerpts from The Magickal Herb Oracle by Cheralyn Darcey Past Influence - ReflectionHerb: Lemon Balm; Melissa offficinalis "Although there is a lot to reflect on… Continue reading First Quarter Moon Reading 6/17/21